PixR Solution : Advanced Virtual Studio and AR Solutions

PixR Solution is indigenously developed by our company and is an all-in-one Unreal Engine Virtual Studio and 3D Graphics software specifically developed for Broadcast.

PixR Solution is a state-of-the-art next gen Virtual Studio Solution that deliver supreme quality Virtual Studios along with Augment Reality 3D Objects and Simulations. PixR Engine encompasses the below modules

PixR - CE

PixR Core Engine provides Real-time 2D/3D graphics rendering software for Windows platform. Video outputs to monitors, projectors, LED walls etc. via HDMI/DVI/DisplayPort. Real-time post-processing, effects, color correction, LUT, Advanced 3D graphics: HDR, Depth of Field, shadows, reflections, refraction, Support of DLSS, ray tracing, RTXGI when using Unreal Engine

PixR – VSS

The built-in Virtual Studio Solution provides advanced chroma keying, multiple virtual cameras with editable motion paths, customizable virtual camera and broadcast control interfaces, virtual lighting of live actors, live actors cast real-time shadows, reflections, refraction, support of experimental camera tracking, rendering in arbitrary resolutions. Importing 3D objects and scenes with materials and animations from FBX format.

PixR – XR

The built-in Extended Reality tool offers cutting-edge mixed reality solutions. Using extended reality and in-camera VFX can free you from the burden of post-production costs and speed up your shoots.

PixR – AR

The built-in Augment Reality tool offers all aspects of broadcast presentation. Our software empowers you to create stunning graphic content. High level of interactivity and real-time controllability.

PixR – CK

The built-in advanced Chroma Keyer allows seamless integration of real and virtual environments with the interaction of virtual lights and real-world objects. The advanced keyer enables the keying of realistic contact shadows and the software can cast virtual shadows on the talent and can combine these seamlessly with the life-like shadows generated by the talent itself. The keyer provides superior results for keying transparent objects, contact shadows, and fine details such as hair.

PixR – LE

The built-in Light Effect blurs the boundaries between the physical and virtual space. Life Like Shadows. Broadcast Quality.

PixR – VE

The Built in Video Enablement tool provides multiple simultaneous live input sources via SDI / NDI (SD/HD/4K) and multiple simultaneous video outputs via SDI / NDI (SD/HD/4K)

PixR – MC

The Built in Multi Cam tool allows multiple simultaneous cameras to be connected to multiple PixR Engines.

PixR – EG

The optional Election Graphics tool allows to integrate various election graphic data to Augment Reality Graphics.